"Me and Kid Sensation at home away from home..."

Seattle rap icon, Kid Sensation, has sold over 1.5 million records and is still entertaining the masses. His LIVE performances, concerts, books, movies, TedX Talks & all-around passionate personality take us on a hip-hop journey as does his latest album... Presently Past the Future 

In addition to being an author (Kings, The Vapor), actor (Safety Not Guaranteed, Grey's Anatomy, Discover Card) and speaker (TedX, others) Kid Sensation (Xola) is still performing worldwide. On stage he captivates audiences with a combination of music and storytelling.  His lyrically sharp songs trigger nostalgia, taking us back to the hip hop we miss; beats, rhymes and storytelling that capture imaginations and hearts. Since his debut single, “Back to Boom”, Kid has delivered the lyrics and 808 bass with the legendary Seatown Sound.

Go ahead - bump it all at the family BBQ - all 9 albums are remastered and profanity-free. 

Kid Sensation was discovered at age 14 by PNW legend Sir-Mix-A-Lot. They dropped hits like "Posse on Broadway,” "Rippin’" & "Baby Got Back" scoring a Grammy Award along the way. Iconic lyrics - Kid's solo releases “Seatown Ballers,”  “Back to Boom,” “Seatown Funk” and many others add to the solo career. 

Kid Sensation dropped solo albums and remained cool with Sir-Mix-A-Lot. He also formed a long-time friendship with Seattle Mariners GOAT, Ken Griffey, Jr. in his rookie year after they met while getting their car stereos installed. Griffey even appears on his Power of Rhyme Album on "The Way I Swing.”  

Kid Sensations' latest hit, “Westsyde” has summertime feels and nostalgic throwback nods, paying homage to many iconic Westcoast rappers, many of whom he has performed or toured with. The video features Sir Mix A Lot, Wanz (from Macklemore's smash hit “Thrift Shop”) and a few other recognizable faces.

 When he isn't performing, Kid can be found with his beautiful wife Liberte, in his Mackie sponsored recording studio creating new material, or in the community giving back. “I have a heart to spread hope, love and create meaningful dialogue through various art forms. I want to empower and inspire our youth.” - Xola





  • The Paper Tigers (Feature Film)
  • Discover Credit Card
  • Safety Not Guaranteed (Feature Film)
  • NFL, NBA, MLB (Ken Griffey Jr. , Shaun Alexander, Ichiro Suzuki)
  • Fox Sports Network 
  • United Way 
  • YMCA
  • Team Survivors Northwest (TNSW - Cancer survivors)
  • NCAA  (Oklahoma University, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Louisville Cardinals)
  • HopSports
  • Hench Hench Energy Drink
  • Harlem Globetrotters
  • Raise Hope for Congo/Dialogue One
  • Microsoft Xbox (Project Gotham Racing)