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  1. The Vapor
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The Vapor

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Can you feel it? Nothing can save ya, this is the season and we're high on the vapor
One minute you're knee deep in it, before we think it's over in a blink
Yesterday I didn't sleep that well, I awoke several times in the night
Thoughts racing through my mind as I pondered, dreaming I was walking to a light
Heard the voice of angel tell me start writing, words flowed but I didn't know the meaning
I thought about life and what really mattered, I thought about what I believed in
Running through my life like Monopoly, rat race cheddar chase till I'm dropping see
I gotta get it nothing stopping me, more than the Jones' I can't have 'em topping me
C'mon man look, see my net worth? Come on man, ain't nothing out my network
I got the dolo, chasing more though, yelling yolo, I ride solo
That's the mindset grind and blind bet, get what you can get and then you're all set
To buy the great lie eat up the whole pie, and then you wonder why, it all goes awry
Caught up in distractions caught up in the wealth, caught up in the glory caught up in yourself
Million dollar home, $50K watch, when you drop home and watch go back in the box
Warren Buffet Bill Gates gotta kiss fate, gotta loosen the grip on the whole estate
Maybe we got stuff twisted up, I don't know but the question is enough to make me think

The years go by, by in a blink I stop and I think, just like a vapor, we're here one day then we're gone away
I'm not always clear why we're here, but only God knows just like a vapor, we're here one day and we're gone away

So many people say life is short, a shame they wait to say it on life support
They breathed, ate, slept like the rest of us did but take a look at their lives man, how did they live
The hands on a clock move one way, we all breathe our last breath one day
We won arguments but what did we really win? Do we only seek pleasure undisciplined?
You say God first but let's be genuine did we look to please Him, or other men?
We talk about the size of our blessing, try to related it to the size of our checking
Hold up are you really convinced, God's love can be measured in your dollars and cents? We think of what we do as so big, the stuff we acquire and the way that we live
This universe is atom sized to something bigger, how do we figure that we know it all?
So how big does that make God, and how significant is my life?
The answer is enormous to both, He got a plan and we follow it and point people to the light
Whether we're here for a century or for a minute, his plan for life is laid out for us to win it