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Sometimes when I think about my life, and everything you mean to it
You set the example I follow agreeing to it
Then you gave me a rhythm so I could lean to it
My life is a picture sit back as I paint the scene to it
You were a single dad, and it was the four of us
And if you counted our friends, it was even more of us
See my life was always stable, and you told us God was able
We always had lights and cable and the food was on the table
But it was so much more, so much more
I wondered when you slept cause you always had so much more
From my homework, to the laundry, good dinner and church
As I think about the load you carried man my shoulders hurt
We had a house was full of love, me and my siblings was tight
And I can’t say my life it was perfect, but it felt so right
You were a coach and a counselor, plus a chef and ref
And you wore your heart on your sleeve, you guided me to achieve
Guided me to believe, anytime I doubt or I fall
I was little, but you made me feel 10 feet tall
My path won’t be perfect but I know my worth and my purpose
Keep God first like you taught me because worry is worthless
In closing I’m thanking you dad you push me to be my best
Yours truly, your son Kendi Fresh

Sometimes when I think about my life and everything you mean to it
It was great life but you added the dream to it
At first sight it was first love from the first time that I laid eyes
And laid hands seeing God’s plan that was starting with you
And I think I might of kissed you a million times, within a 10-minute span
Even your mama knew from jump, you was my little man
Showed you love and respect and the way you give and you get
And the way you live and you set the bar high and fly
There was so much more so much more
I wanted to give you everything a father should and so much more
I could never let you see the way it be for so many boy
With a father who didn’t bother to stay in the fight
I’m saying it like I mean it and I meant it and its independent of me and ya moms
Going separate ways
I lived on government checks I ate the government cheese
Now I get them royalty checks so you get to live as you please
First I put a book in your hand, then I put a ball in your hand
But as soon as you hit the booth, you found your passion and truth
Now I teach you to think and ask why, stay humble but don’t act shy
Follow Jesus example and to give more love than a sample
Dream even bigger than your dad, son the sky is the limit
And believe you can conquer any mountain any day when your whole heart is in it
I was there when you took your first breath your first steps,
And I’m blessed you’ll be there for my last steps and my last breath
My love unconditional you already know
Yours truly, your father X-O-L-A